8 steps to create a training matrix

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Follow this step by step guide to create a training matrix and you’ll:

  1. Define the goals and objectives of the training. What skills, knowledge, and abilities does the organisation need to achieve its goals?
  2. Identify the personnel who will be included in the training matrix. This may include all employees, or a specific group or department.
  3. Determine the training requirements for each role or position within the organisation. This may include both mandatory and optional training.
  4. Identify the resources that will be used to deliver the training, such as instructors, training materials, and online resources.
  5. Develop a timeline for providing the training, including any deadlines or milestones that need to be met.
  6. Create the training matrix itself, which typically includes a list of the personnel, their roles or positions, and the required training for each role.
  7. Implement the training plan and track the progress of each individual in the training matrix.
  8. Review and update the training matrix regularly to ensure that it reflects the current training needs of the organisation and the progress of the personnel.

Utilising a template or specialised software to create your training matrix can streamline the process and ensure that all of the necessary information is accurately captured and organised. This can save time and effort, and allow you to focus on delivering high-quality training to your employees. Involving employees in the development and review of the training matrix can also be beneficial, as they have a unique perspective on their own learning needs and preferences, and can offer valuable insights that may not have been considered otherwise. By collaborating with your employees and incorporating their feedback, you can create a training matrix that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organisation and its individuals.

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