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training management.

Moralbox is your automated training matrix and more!
Saving you time, reducing human-error and ensuring compliance with collaboration and foresight.

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Trusted in multiple industry sectors across the globe

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Customer case studies

See how Spartan UK and some of our other customers have revolutionised their perocesses and now save time with increased efficency while managing training.


Moralbox has enabled us to adopt a proactive approach to training compliance and has enabled us to clearly define specific roles and mandatory training requirements for our workforce.

Operations Manager


I would highly recommend this cost-effective tool to anyone who needs to track skills and ensure training competency.

Head of Digital Innovation


I can now relax and have no need to worry about non-compliance due to expiring certification or gaps in training. With Moralbox we now have an email notification system to warn us of any issues as well as an intuitive dashboard operating system.

Health, Safety, Environmental and Facilities Manager


Due to continuous growth, we recognised a need to improve the way we manage and monitor employee training. Moralbox makes scanning certificates really quick and easy plus the training matrix helps us identify training gaps before they occur. It has helped us scale up and the weekly reminder email saves me so much time that I don’t have to go and look for things as I’m always kept up to date.

Head of Compliance & Digital Solutions Design
Multevo - Highway Maintenance


Moralbox has been a game-changer for our company, Concept Elevators. The software has streamlined our training and compliance management, making it easier to track employee progress and stay compliant with industry regulations. The user-friendly interface and efficient tools have made a big difference in our day-to-day operations, and I highly recommend it to others in the industry. Overall, the implementation of Moralbox has been a valuable investment for our company, helping us streamline our training and compliance management and improve employee engagement.

Regional Manager
Concept Elevators