Streamlining training management in transport & logistics

Moralbox simplifies the training management process from drivers to logistics planners – ensuring your operations remain swift, compliant, and effective.

Our platform is built with the industry's fast-paced and regulation-heavy environment in mind.

It provides clear oversight, keeps you on top of compliance needs, and equips your team with the skills they need to stay safe and efficient on the move. We're here to help you maintain the highest standards in transport and logistics operations.

Screen of a software training matrix with personnel names, training types and colour coded record dates that indicate whether a record is missing, valid, expiring or expired.

Automated Training Matrix Certificate Storage Skills Matrix Safety Briefings Workpass Cards

Complete Visibility

Problem: Difficulties in tracking training adherence and updating skills amidst the rapidly changing technologies and regulations in the transport and logistics industry.

Solution: Moralbox provides thorough management and monitoring of training activities, ensuring both compliance and operational efficiency in the fast-paced and evolving transport and logistics sector.

Streamlined Fleet Training

Problem: Difficulty in coordinating and tracking training for a diverse fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Solution: Moralbox simplifies record accessibility, ensuring all documents are in one place for easy compliance verification and efficient audit preparation.

Enhanced Safety Compliance

Problem: Maintaining high safety standards in a dynamic and risk-prone industry.

Solution: Our system ensures comprehensive safety training and compliance, keeping up with industry standards and reducing accident risks.

Screenshot of an organisation structure with the head office at the top and divisions and sub-divisions flowing from the top to the bottom.

Operational Efficiency
Streamline training processes to minimise downtime and enhance service delivery.

Safety and Compliance
Proactively manage safety training, reducing risk and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Workforce Agility
Create a more adaptable, skilled workforce able to respond effectively to the dynamic nature of the transport and logistics industry.

Transport and Logistics Sectors

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Freight Transportation
Moralbox enhances training management for Freight Transportation, employing a centralised platform to efficiently oversee tailored programs for diverse logistics needs. Moralbox ensures the timely delivery of essential skills, fostering seamless operations in this critical sector.

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Warehousing and Storage
Moralbox revolutionises training for Warehousing and Storage, using a centralised platform to streamline tailored programs for efficient operations. Ensuring timely delivery of essential skills for optimised storage and distribution.

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Passenger Transportation
Moralbox revolutionises training for Passenger Transportation, using a centralised platform to oversee programs tailored to diverse needs. Ensuring timely delivery of essential skills for smooth and secure operations in the industry.

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Logistics Services
Moralbox streamlines training for Logistics Services, using a centralised platform to tailor programs for intricate logistics coordination. Ensuring timely delivery of essential skills for optimised services, seamless coordination, and enhanced efficiency.


UK Flag
Highway MaintenanceCivil EngineeringTraffic Management
Improved processesReasonable costEasier to track and manage training

Deliver a range of services to local authorities and tier 1 contractors nationwide including highways, civil engineering, traffic management, arboriculture, and vegetation.

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USA Flag
Commercial AviationCivil AviationAircraft Ground Support
Always ready for auditsPerformance analysisImproved efficiency and compliancePerformance analysis

Provides ground handling services at a busy international airport. They handle cargo and passenger aircraft operating flights around the world from Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, South Carolina, USA.

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