Ensuring Compliance in Highway Maintenance

Company: Multevo – https://multevo.co.uk/

Industry: Highway Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Traffic Management, Soft Estates

Location: Multiple divisions and locations across the United Kingdom.


Multevo deliver a range of services to local authorities and tier 1 contractors nationwide including highways, civil engineering, traffic management, arboriculture, and vegetation.

Due to the nature of works delivered and equipment used, it is essential that Multevo’s employees are trained to the correct standards to carry out works safely and to a high quality.

In the past, Multevo have relied on manual tracking of employee certifications and record keeping on multiple spreadsheets, which was proving no longer substantial due to the continuous growth of the company, who now hire over 250 operatives nationwide.

Multevo recognised an opportunity to improve internal processes to maintain the high standard of services delivered.

Traffic Management
Traffic Management
Highway Maintenance


To improve processes, Multevo decided to implement training management and compliance software. After considering several other options, they decided to use Moralbox Workforce Manager due to the advanced features at a reasonable cost. The software allows the company to easily track and manage employee training and certifications in a centralised system, which can be accessed from any location.

Some key features of the software include

  • A training needs analysis with an automated training matrix.
  • An integrated system for tracking employee progress and completion of training courses.
  • A log of employee certifications, which can be easily accessed and updated by HR and management.
  • Various customisable reports.
  • Notifications of expiring certifications
  • Supply chain compliance


Since implementing the training management and compliance software, Multevo has experienced several benefits:

  • The online platform for training management has made it easier and more cost-effective for the company to manage training for its employees.
  • The automated tracking system has reduced the amount of paperwork and manual data entry required to track employee training and certifications.
  • The centralised database of employee certifications has made it easier for the company to ensure that all employees are up-to-date on their training and compliant with safety regulations.
  • Each division has their own dashboard and can manage their own workforce.

Overall, Moralbox has helped Multevo improve its efficiency and compliance, while also reducing the cost and time required for managing training whilst giving management the confidence they need to ensure their workforce is always compliant.

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