Building Success: Advanced Training Compliance Solution

Construction sites demand not just hard hats but hard skills - and keeping these skills sharp and compliant is where Moralbox shines.

Our platform ensures that your workforce is as strong and reliable as the structures they build, fostering a culture of safety and excellence.

Moralbox is an all-inclusive training management system tailored for the construction industry.

It provides an integrated platform for all construction-specific training needs, boosting visibility, ensuring regulatory adherence, advancing workforce competencies, and upholding top-tier safety and project efficiency standards throughout the sector.

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Complete Visibility

Problem: Difficulties in monitoring training compliance and managing refresher training, especially under tight construction budgets.

Solution: Our system offers comprehensive oversight of training processes, ensuring compliance without the need for costly resources.

Superb Record-Keeping and Sharing

Problem: The challenge of centralising records and providing proof of compliance for audits, which is often time-consuming.

Solution: Our platform simplifies record accessibility, keeping all documents in one place for easy compliance verification and efficient audit preparation.

Reduced Operating Costs

Problem: Risks of incurring fines or project halts due to out-of-date training, and the financial drain of duplicate training management.

Solution: Our system minimises these risks by streamlining refresher training and eliminating unnecessary repetitions, thus saving time and reducing costs.

Screenshot of an organisation structure with the head office at the top and divisions and sub-divisions flowing from the top to the bottom.

Optimised Site Safety
Minimise hazards and prevent onsite incidents with comprehensive, current training.

Project Productivity
Reduce delays and optimise workforce performance with targeted training plans.

Effortless Compliance Tracking
Facilitate audits and site inspections with organised, readily available reports on training and code adherence.

Construction Sectors

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Residential and commercial
Moralbox streamlines training management for developers involved in both residential homes and large-scale commercial projects. It provides a centralised platform to efficiently manage and monitor programs to meet diverse construction needs.

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Highway and Infrastructure Construction
Catering to projects like roads, bridges, and tunnels, Moralbox offers features that allow you to focus on construction standards, equipment operation, and safety procedures in a secure, traceable environment.

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Industrial and Demolition Construction
Addressing both the building of industrial facilities and the complex process of demolition, Moralbox provides comprehensive training management. This ensures safety, regulatory compliance, and optimal execution for both construction and deconstruction processes.

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Construction Support and Logistics
For tasks like supply chain management, equipment maintenance, and site preparation, Moralbox facilitates efficient training schedules, compliance tracking, and certification processes, ensuring teams are well-versed with current industry practices.

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Specialised Construction Services
Focusing on unique areas like green construction, historical restoration, and more, Moralbox supports niche training programmes, simplifying the monitoring of certifications, skills development, and ongoing education.

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Construction Equipment and Manufacturing
Moralbox aids in training for manufacturing staff and equipment operators. Track skills, health and training for construction machinery, materials handling, and quality control standards.


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Highway MaintenanceCivil EngineeringTraffic Management
Improved processesReasonable costEasier to track and manage training

Deliver a range of services to local authorities and tier 1 contractors nationwide including highways, civil engineering, traffic management, arboriculture, and vegetation.

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Industrial DemolitionDismantlingAdbestos Removal
TimesavingGreater awarenessImproved efficiency

Specialise in technical, demolition and dismantling projects which require engineered solutions on nuclear, chemical and petrochemical sites.

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Lift MaintenanceLift Dismantling
Cost-effectiveEasier auditsReduces risk

UK-based lift maintenance company with a team of technicians responsible for maintaining 4500 lifts and over 2000 stairlifts across the UK.

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