Streamlining Training Management for Elevator Maintenance & Installation

Company: Concept Elevators –

Industry: Construction (Elevator Maintenance and Installation)

Location: United Kingdom


Concept Elevators is a UK-based lift maintenance company with offices in Cannock and Runcorn. With a team of technicians responsible for maintaining lifts and stairlifts across the country, the company was struggling to effectively manage training and compliance. The company’s previous system, an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs, was becoming increasingly time-consuming to manage, making it difficult to track employee progress and provide proof of training. In addition, the company was working to maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards, including ISO 9001 accreditation.


To address these challenges, Concept Elevators turned to Moralbox, a training management and compliance software provider. The company was impressed by the demonstration of the software and the cost-effective solution it provided for all of their training and compliance needs.


Since implementing Moralbox, Concept Elevators have seen a number of benefits. Training and onboarding new employees has become more efficient, and the company has been able to better track employee progress and identify areas for improvement. In addition, the software has helped the company stay compliant with industry regulations, reducing the risk of costly fines and other compliance issues. The software has also made it easier for the company to provide proof of training to clients and auditors, as all of the necessary documentation is stored in a centralised platform. The company’s recent ISO 9001 auditor was even impressed by the system.

Overall, the implementation of Moralbox has been a valuable investment for Concept Elevators, helping the company streamline its training and compliance management and improve employee engagement. The company’s management has found the software to be user-friendly and efficient, with all of the necessary tools for managing training and compliance provided in an easy-to-use platform

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