All the training management tools you need, in one place.

360 visibility

Know the compliance status of all your workforce, all of the time, at a glance. Nothing slips through the net.


Workforce Manager automates where possible saving you time and energy for more important things.


Give your managers open access when they need it, but protect sensitive items with permission settings.

Automated training matrix

Create and assign multiple job roles with custom training requirements.

Easily identify training gaps and upcoming refreshers.

View a matrix for your entire organisation or specifically based on person, role or area.

Export matrices and share with external parties for audit/compliance.

Screen of a software training matrix with personnel names, training types and colour coded record dates that indicate whether a record is missing, valid, expiring or expired.

Hierarchy with permissions

Screenshot of an organisation structure with the head office at the top and divisions and sub-divisions flowing from the top to the bottom.

Create divisions, departments, teams and other areas to match your organisational structure.

Permissions throughout the system ensure people only see what they need to see. More secure. Less clutter.

Delegate responsibility to management within their respective areas.

Training Needs Analysis

Follow our step by step Training Needs Analysis (TNA) process and get your workforce compliant.

See instantly at a glance how compliant each role at your organisation is.

Quickly zero in on problems in your entire organisation or area (division/department/team).

Save time and focus on the real problems, safe in the knowledge everything else is OK.

Image shows a training needs analysis overview showing the number of certificates per role that are valid, expiring, expired or missing,

Individual training profiles

Improve staff engagement and choose to give individuals access to their own training profiles.

Securely share training profiles with external entities with authentication and limited access.

See critical information such as training record statuses and upcoming events.

Keep an employee or sub-contractor's information in one central place and quickly view their details, training logs, toolbox talks and medical logs.

Screenshot showing a person's Moralbox Workforce Manager profile with basic info, Roles they are assigned to, training records overview and upcoming events they're booked on.

Certificate storage

Screenshot shows a training record importer tool with the person and course details along with a preview of the PDF certificate itself.

Import lots of certificates at once. Our autocomplete tool detects text and makes the process of adding certificates super quick and easy

Certificates are stored securely and can be retrieved fast. No more rummaging through filing cabinets.

Whenever you upload training records, the software intelligently detects data such as name, achievement date, course title etc.

Intelligent dashboards

Each dashboard item gives a succinct overview of each area of training.

Quickly identify any problem areas and go directly to them.

Monitor weekly, monthly and yearly performance and usage statistics.

Recent activity and upcoming events keep you in the loop.

Screenshot showing the main Workforce Manager dashboard comprising warnings, training records, TNA role issues, toolbox talks, started events, upcoming events, skill assessment health, medical record issues and workforce activity.

Your status direct to your inbox

Get a weekly summary email so you don't even need to log in to know where you're at.

All users receive a summary email focussing on what they need to know.

Maintain strategic awareness wherever you are.

iPhone should a weekly workforce summary email with expiring certificates, TNA issues, started courses, upcoming courses and skill issues. It also lists expiring certificates with the personnel name and title of the course.

Briefings/toolbox talks

Screenshot showing a list of all toolbox talks given.
Close up screenshot showing toolbox talks attendance matrix.

Log all toolbox talks and briefings in a matrix view to ensure attendance.

Carry out live sessions and deliver your talk/briefing template to an audience and gather attendee signatures.

Upload offline talks/briefings along with attendance evidence sheets.

Medical records

Plan and log periodic medical screening tests.

Screening tests for drug, alcohol, vibration, radiation exposure etc.

See performance summaries, matrix and statistics.

Screenshot showing a list of medical records for the organisation with expiry dates and red, amber, green indicators.

Skills assessments

Screenshot showing personnel, their skills, average score and renewal dates for renewal.
Screenshot showing overview of how many people and assessment criteria are assigned to each skill type.
Screenshot showing list of assessment criteria and how many skill types are assigned to each.

Monitor workforce skills progression in a matrix.

Create assessment skill types, templates and critera.

Carry out assessments and score an individual's competence.


Monitor spend and predict future spend on expiring certificates.

View workforce data in one easily accessible place.

Track and monitor grants against training, tap into additional revenue streams.

Screenshot showing default reports than can be run such as achievement report, refresher training planning report, TNA missing certification report, employee data report, grant report and events booked report.
Screenshot showing the grant report with grant claim status, saving calculator and a list of training. There is a filter by date button and and export to PDF button.

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