Revolutionise Training & Compliance in Engineering and Manufacturing

In the engineering and manufacturing industry, effective training management isn’t just about skill development; it’s about ensuring safety, compliance, and peak operational performance. Moralbox is a training management system offering a cohesive and efficient platform ensuring compliance, enhancing skill sets, and maintaining high standards of safety and operational efficiency.

Moralbox provides an integrated platform for all engineering and manufacturing-specific training needs.

Enhancing visibility, ensuring regulatory compliance, advancing workforce skills, and upholding the highest standards of safety and operational efficiency throughout the sector.

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Complete visibility

Problem: Challenges in monitoring training compliance and managing skill upgrades amidst evolving engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Solution: Our system offers comprehensive oversight of training processes, ensuring compliance and efficiency, crucial for the dynamic environment of engineering and manufacturing.

Superb record-keeping and sharing

Problem: Difficulties in centralising records and providing proof of compliance for industry audits, often complex due to diverse operational standards.

Solution: Our platform simplifies record accessibility, ensuring all documents are in one place for easy compliance verification and efficient audit preparation.

Reduced operating costs

Problem: Risks of incurring penalties or production delays due to outdated training, and the financial drain of managing diverse training requirements.

Solution: Our system minimises these risks by streamlining training schedules and eliminating training gaps, thus saving time and reducing costs.

Screenshot of an organisation structure with the head office at the top and divisions and sub-divisions flowing from the top to the bottom.

Optimised Operational Safety
Minimise risks and enhance workplace safety with comprehensive, current training.

Manufacturing Efficiency
Reduce downtime and optimise workforce performance with targeted training plans.

Effortless Compliance Tracking
Facilitate audits and inspections with organised, readily available reports on training and industry standards adherence.

Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors

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Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
Moralbox streamlines training management for manufacturing complex machinery, providing a central platform to efficiently manage and monitor programs for diverse manufacturing needs.

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Industrial Production and Fabrication
Addressing the needs of large-scale industrial production, Moralbox provides comprehensive training management, ensuring safety, regulatory compliance, and optimal execution for both routine and specialised manufacturing processes.

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Support and Logistics
For tasks like supply chain management, equipment maintenance, and site preparation, Moralbox facilitates efficient training schedules, compliance tracking, and certification processes, ensuring teams are well-versed with current industry practices.

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Support and Logistics in Manufacturing
Focusing on areas like high-tech manufacturing, green technology, and more, Moralbox supports niche training programs, simplifying the monitoring of certifications, skills development, and ongoing education.


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Highway MaintenanceCivil EngineeringTraffic Management
Improved processesReasonable costEasier to track and manage training

Deliver a range of services to local authorities and tier 1 contractors nationwide including highways, civil engineering, traffic management, arboriculture, and vegetation.

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Roadmap for employee developmentEasy-to-use interfaceSkills & training visibility

Part of the steel and rolled products division of the Metinvest Group. Notable projects include the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Shard in London.

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