Improving Visibility and Efficiency in Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Organisation: Spartan UK –

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Spartan UK is an engineering company that is a part of the steel and rolled products division of the Metinvest Group. The company supplies steel all over the world, with notable projects including the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Shard in London. However, prior to implementing Moralbox, the company faced several challenges in managing training and compliance. There was no visibility into which employees were trained on which skills, making it difficult to allocate tasks and ensure that all requirements were being met. In addition, the training and compliance information was disorganised, with multiple spreadsheets and files scattered throughout the company.

Photo of the Shard skyscraper in London
London’s iconic shard skyscraper is made using Spartan UK steel.
Gateshead millennium bridge photo
The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is another Spartan UK project.


To address these challenges, Spartan UK turned to Moralbox, a training management and compliance software provider. With Moralbox Workforce Manager they were able to create an automated training matrix that clearly outlined the necessary skills and training for each employee and position within the company as they grow. This matrix served as a roadmap for employee development and allowed the company to ensure that all employees received the necessary training to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. The company was impressed by the easy-to-use interface and the ability to quickly gain visibility into employee skills and training.


Since implementing Moralbox, Spartan UK has seen a number of benefits. Managers are now able to quickly see the skills of their team members, even if they move from shift to shift, and allocate tasks accordingly. In addition, the software has helped the company stay compliant with industry regulations and provide proof of training to customers and auditors. The implementation of Moralbox has also allowed the company to improve its overall efficiency, with the ability to track things like hearing tests for employees and streamline processes. The team at Moralbox has been helpful and responsive, making the transition to the software smooth and successful. Overall, the implementation of Moralbox has been a valuable investment for Spartan UK, helping the company improve visibility, streamline processes, and stay compliant.

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