Workpass Logo

Workpass Logo

Employee ID card with training portfolio.

The quick, easy and secure way to share proof of your workforce training.


Scan the QR code above using a mobile phone camera app to visit the website.


All your workforce member's certificates in one place mobile/laptop/desktop optimised.


Pincode protect your workforce profiles. Easily disable lost cards and monitor access.

Workpass benefits

Your worforce can prove their training to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Real-time access to view training records. Updated records are instantly visible in Workpass profiles.

Promote workforce engagement and awareness.

Demonstrate to your clients that you have your training management under control.

Screen of a software training matrix with personnel names, training types and colour coded record dates that indicate whether a record is missing, valid, expiring or expired.

Custom branding

Screenshot of an organisation structure with the head office at the top and divisions and sub-divisions flowing from the top to the bottom.

Use your own company logo with or without motif.

Your own company colour scheme and palette. Gradient or solid backgrounds.

Modern sleek portrait oriented design. Robust and longlasting 1mm thick plastic card with matte finish.