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Company: JBV Demolition – https://www.jbvdemolition.co.uk

Industry: Industrial Demolition, Dismantling and Asbestos Removal

Location: Offices in Runcorn, Cheshire, United Kingdom. Operate on nuclear, chemical and petrochemical sites across the UK.

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JBV Demolition specialise in technical, demolition and dismantling projects which require engineered solutions and where works generally are within live and potentially hazardous environments.

JBV Demolition operates in Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) sites including nuclear, chemicals and petrochemicals.

Due to these projects and demolition in general being a high risk industry, it is imperative that all personnel have the necessary training and certifications to carry out their jobs safely in potentially extremely hazardous environments.

JBV Demolition used to manage training on spreadsheets but this was very time-consuming and difficult to manage. They did not have a budget in mind but the time saving potential of using specialist software such as Moralbox Workforce Manager, when identifying missing or expired certification and the downtimes around such scenarios, plus the fact Moralbox allows site managers to take control of their operatives’ training, it was easy to justify the adoption of Workforce Manager.


The biggest challenges JBV Demolition faced before implementing Moralbox were:

1. Expiring certification

It was overwhelming to manage training expiring certification on spreadsheets for a large workforce when so many operatives were spread across diverse roles, sites and projects.


Moralbox remedied this problem with a clear view of what certifications had expired and a development plan was created to be more proactive rather than reactive when managing operative training. The ability to group training by roles and departments and get notifications when action was required and when, made a previously complex and timely process simple and quick.

2. High staff turnover

JBV Demolition manages labourers, drivers and site workers. These operatives would move between organisations regularly, sometimes returning 12 months later. 


Workforce Manager makes it easy to archive temporary staff and re-enable them when they return, keeping all their training logs intact and up to date.

3. Employee engagement

It was impossible to effectively manage secure access to individuals’ training records due to the management overheads involved in providing such a service to staff.


Moralbox gives all employees their own logins, if required, so they can see and manage their own training. This is especially useful if they leave the organisation and return again, this helps ensure no training is missed during the interim period. Employees can now take ownership of their only learning and development.

4. Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks are an important part of JBV Demolition’s safety procedures on sites. It was often difficult to see what toolbox talks individuals had received and how to store and retrieve the briefing sheet and attendance. It was difficult to analyse the effectiveness and frequency of toolbox talks without a robust logging system in place.


Moralbox keeps a thorough record of all toolbox talks given, keeps a log of attendance and even provides a toolbox talk matrix to ensure all staff attend relevant talks to their role.

The toolbox talks are now easy to search and find, it is also much easier to run analytics, for example: how many talks have been given on a specific topic within a 12 month period. This toolbox talks data can then be used to update company policies and standard operating procedures.

Other benefits

In addition to these problems that have been solved by using Moralbox Workforce Manager, JBV Demolition also benefits from the following improvements to their business…


Operative training used to be checked and reviewed for every project which was a time-consuming process.This is no longer required as the automated training matrix is always up to date and JBV Demolition knows operatives have the required skills to work on upcoming projects.

Greater awareness for site managers

Site managers now have an overview of all operatives currently working on site. Additionally, if a site manager has a specialised task that needs to be performed, for example: by a mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) qualified operative, they can simply search the Moralbox Workforce Manager database and find an operative with the required skills to go ahead and allow them to perform the role without any additional hassle.


Since implementing Moralbox Workforce Manager, JBV Demolition have improved their workflows by saving time and improving efficiency. They have easy, instant access to employee training records and reports, ensuring everyone is up to date and informed. It helps them make strategic decisions, improves procedures and enables them to concentrate on personal development and being proactive rather than wasting time reacting to training issues that resulted in downtime which was costly to the business.

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