Ignite Accelerator Showcase TusPark, Newcastle

Ignite Accelerator Showcase Moralbox

My co-founder Gordon and I presented at the Ignite Accelerator showcase at Tuspark in Newcastle Upon Tyne this evening. A fantastic co-working environment in the centre of the city. We have just finished a tech accelerator programme and gave this presentation about our company to sign off the programme. We talked about how Moralbox is solving painful issues regarding training and compliance in the construction and manufacturing industries, but also how we’re helping people from other industries keep on top of training requirements for their workforce.

We presented some shocking statistics published by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) from the previous year (2018), for example:

  • 144 workers killed at work
  • 550,000 non-fatal self-reported injuries
  • 71,062 employee non-fatal RIDDOR reported
  • 3.9million working days lost to non-fatal workplace injuries

Publication link: Health and Safety at Work – Summary Statistics for Great Britain 2018.

While chatting to attendees after our presentation at the Ignite Accelerator showcase, it was clear that these figures were surprising and upsetting to hear. Let’s not forget the impact these injuries have on co-workers and families of those affected by these statistics which often overlooked when discussing health and safety statistics.

We designed our training matrix feature to help training, HR, HSEQ and other managers stay fully informed of training certification gaps to reduce their risk of becoming an HSE statistic. We talked about how our customers benefit from our fully customisable training needs analysis, including an automated training matrix, and how it’s more efficient and cost-effective to replace cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheet-based training matrices with a fully managed digital solution with notifications like what our system offers.

The Ignite Accelerator experience has given myself and my co-founder Gordon a greater knowledge and experience of running a software-as-a-service business and what it takes to ensure our customers every need is taken care of.

We were in good company on the programme with some other fantastic, fast-growing UK tech companies such as:

HOWAMIGOING – year-round growth based on your employees’ psychographic profile.

Fair Custodian – a platform for managing GDPR compliance activities through audited document repositories, data registers, task management, and automation.

All by Mama – an online marketplace and community supporting mothers (and fathers) to grow a business alongside raising a family.

Direct Software –  direct email marketing solution to help your business increase sales dramatically by turning cold leads into customers.

Tapes – a transparent networking & discovery platform connecting Hip Hop & Grime artists in the UK with DJs.