Release notes Moralbox version 3.4.4

Release date: 21 March 2024

New features 

Course versioning

  1. Users can now add multiple versions of the same course to facilitate version control. 
  2. Versions can be added, set to archived or disabled from the course settings.
  3. Archived versions are visible on the training matrix but cannot be selected when adding training records.
  4. Disabled versions are only visible in the records list.


  1. New course attendance report added to track pass, fail and absent outcomes.


  1. Minimum and maximum places are now captured for each event. Messages highlight if an event has not met the minimum places or is overbooked.
  2. When uploading records to an individual for an event, an indicator has been added to show if the person is assigned a role where this course is included in a requirement. Roles assigned to the person can be edited from this location. 

Adding events

  1. Details of the event can be included.
  2. The name of the event provider can be selected.
  3. A purchase order number can be added.

Editing event

  1. If a person has not attended, a note can be stored with a reason.
  2. Credit hours and minutes can be logged

Bug fixes

Edit event

  1. Duration and credit hours and minutes are now showing correctly.

Adding records to events

  1. Expiry period is now showing correctly so expiry dates can be automatically set when an achievement date is set.