Supply Chain Compliance Manager

This is free to use software currently in the beta testing phase.

General release is scheduled for 2024.

Never let an expired document slip through the net.

Work collaboratively with all your suppliers to monitor key documentation, in real-time, before it expires. Maintain and share your own profile.

Invite suppliers to collaborate

Easily invite your suppliers to create their own profile and share it with you. They can manage their own documentation, compliance and conformance.

Create your own profile

Create and maintain your own organisation profile and share it with your clients.

Manually manage suppliers

You still have the control to create a profile for your suppliers for any non-collaborative organisations.

Your supply chain dashboard

Always know the compliance status of your approved suppliers

Monitor your supplier onboarding progress

View requests from clients requiring access to your organisation profile

Monitor your own organisation’s profile

Screenshot showing the supply chain compliance manager dashboard comrpising an overall organisation status with profile sections and completeness indicator, approved supplyer compliance status, received client access requests, outstanding supplier onboardings for both collaborative and manual suppliers.
Screenshot of an approved supplier list, whether they are collaborative or manual with their compliance level and any active alerts for that supplier.

Monitor compliance

Get alerts when suppliers drop out of compliance.

Send automatic reminders to clients

Monitor both collaborative and manually added suppliers

Compliance profile

Invite suppliers to complete their own profile with key information

Complete profiles on behalf of suppliers

Complete your own profile and share it

Screenshot of a supply chain compliance dashboard showing insurance validation statuses.

Screenshot showing suppliers that have incomplete profiles.

Easy onboarding

Track each supplier's live progress as they complete their profile

Identify obstacles and encourage suppliers through the process

Quickly get suppliers ready for your review and approval

Setup is quick and easy

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