It’s time to ditch your Excel spreadsheet training matrix!

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I know you love your spreadsheet training matrix, and it may feel irreplaceable… But there is a MUCH better way of managing your organisation’s training.

The alternative solution allows you to focus your time on more important tasks than updating dates and changing colours on a spreadsheet.

You may have spent years crafting your spreadsheet training matrix to do all manner of wonderful things. I’ve seen some amazing matrices in my time, but what if you leave the organisation and someone else has to pick up your matrix and run with it immediately to ensure compliance? Distribution is a nightmare to keep track of and it all needs updating manually using your experience and spreadsheet skills.

The problem with spreadsheets

I once saw an HSE manager send up to 10 different spreadsheet based matrices around a company to keep all the divisions informed of their respective personnel training statuses. All of the matrices were out of date as soon as they were sent and there was no way to track who has seen them, When they adopted a software based training matrix, and correctly assigned managers across the organisation to manage their own departments, their entire organisation’s training management and compliance was revolutionised for the better.

Spreadsheets are also prone to errors, time-consuming to use, give limited visibility and reporting capabilities. All of this is exacerbated if your organisation is made up of divisions, areas, shifts and other organisational units.

There is also a general lack of collaboration and communication tools and you most likely never ETC.

This is why a software training matrix is the way to go for several proven reasons:

  1. Improved accuracy and reliability: Designed specifically for tracking and managing training, whereas Excel spreadsheets are a general-purpose tool that can be prone to errors and inconsistencies. Automated training matrix software ensures that all data is backed up, entered and tracked accurately, reducing the risk of mistakes or discrepancies.
  2. Increased efficiency: Streamlines the training process, making it easier to track and manage training records, schedule training sessions, and ensure compliance with regulations. This can save a significant amount of time and resources compared to using Excel spreadsheets.
  3. Greater visibility and reporting capabilities: It’s easier to see at a glance who has received which training and when. This can help to identify gaps in training and ensure that all employees are up to date on the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job. Advanced reporting capabilities, allowing companies to track the progress and effectiveness of their training programmes.
  4. Enhanced collaboration and communication: Delegate to department managers their own workforce training and share the responsibility. Training management and compliance software includes tools for collaboration and communication, document and profile sharing and more. This improves the flow of information and communication within the organisation, making it easier for employees to access the training resources they need and managers to keep track of and manage training on their behalf.
  5. Scalable: I’ve seen countless manufacturing and construction companies grow rapidly or need to manage training in the short term for sub-contractors and spreadsheets fail miserably in these scenarios. The ability to add new workers seamlessly and re-add them when contracts are won with organisations you’ve worked with before are no hassle as you can simply archive people and re-add them whenever you like.

While Excel spreadsheets may be a sufficient solution for a simple training matrix and help when you’re first starting out, their inadequacies soon add up and make them a liability, especially in high-risk industry and when your organisation grows, quickly becoming a laborious solution. Specialised training management and compliance software with an automated training matrix is a much more efficient, accurate, and effective solution for tracking and managing training.

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